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A growkit is the ultimate way to grow your mushrooms. Don't worry, growing mushrooms is childishly easy. By ordering a mushroom Grow kit you are fully equipped and your magic mushrooms will give you more satisfaction than ever before. You have grown them yourself. Make no mistake, from a mushroom grow kit you can pick up more than one harvest. So you can have several trips on one mushroom grow kit and count on how cheap your mushroom trip is at that time.

The Ultimate mushroom grow Kit Guide

In This ultimate mushroom grow guide, we'll go into all the information about growing mushrooms. At the end of reading this guide, you'll know exactly how to get the most out of a mushroom grow kit for the best trip. Buy your mushroom grow kit at Smartshop

What is a mushroom grow kit?

A mushroom grow kit is a seed tray that is ideal for growing mushrooms from spores. The mushroom grow kit is the way to get Mushroom's in the Netherlands. This is because the sale of fresh mushrooms is no longer legal in the Netherlands. You start with traces (mycelium) which your care will grow into magic mushrooms.

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Buy a mushroom grow kit

So, if you want to halucinate on magic mushrooms then buy a mushroom Grow kit. This is completely legal and the way to get to your magic mushrooms. When the mushrooms were removed from the shelves by the ban on sales in 2008, the magic truffles and the mushroom grow kits found their way into the smartshops of the Netherlands. This is a logical alternative to purchasing magic mushrooms.

The mushroom Grow kit, also known as the Mushroom growkits, you can easily buy from the bank at online smartshops nowadays. A Mushroomshop like delivers high-quality mushroom grow kits just at your home. You simply order them online and within a day you have your grow kit in your home. We deliver them throughout Europe countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Austria, Portugal. In the Netherlands we deliver in all towns and cities such as Alkmaar, Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

But how do you choose the right mushroom grow kit?

Choosing the right Grow kit starts with choosing the right smartshop. At we work with a grow kit of the highest quality. This means that they are put together in a sterile environment and we work with a small stock. We do this to prevent you from receiving grow kits that are dried out by a long storage period.

We currently offer 19 types of mushroom grow kits in our online Mushroomshop. All these mushroom grow sets are all-in-one growkits. So you immediately have everything you need to start growing your mushrooms.

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Types of mushroom grow sets

Mckennaii mushrooms

The Growkit for McKennaii mushrooms are the stronger mushrooms in our smartshop. The effect of these mushrooms is very visual and stimulates creativity and laughter kicks. It gives you a cheerful feeling. You can expect a philosophical trip with visual effects from this mushroom. It is said that this mushroom is stronger than the well-known Hawaiian magic mushrooms. And therefore only suitable for very experienced users.

The McKennaii mushrooms grows very fast and in deviating forms. Interesting and fun as a breeder to see. Don't worry if the mushrooms are in the way of growth. This is more common in the McKennaii and does not affect growth. The McKennaii normally has nice big hats compared to other magic mushrooms.

Ecuadorian magic mushrooms

the Ecuadorian mushrooms come as the name sounds from Ecuador. They grow in the Andes mountains and that offers you as a breeder benefits. Since in the Andes the temperature can vary this also makes it able to cope with temperature fluctuations in your grow box. However, when you want to get the most out of the Ecuadorian magic Mushroom Grow kit, you will naturally go for the optimal temperature. An Ecuadorian mushroom trip is medium to strong on visual level. In addition, you can feel a tremendous flow of thoughts through you. You really go through the dimensions.

The Ecuadorian mushrooms are very similar to the Colombian magic mushrooms in terms of strength. These mushrooms are suitable for average users. That means you should have some experience with mushroom trips before using these magic mushrooms.

B+ mushrooms

Growing B+ Magic mushrooms is special. They can be up to 30 cm tall. That is of course very cool to see. Another reason why the B+ mushroom Grow kit is very popular is that they give a much smaller chance to be nauseous at the start of the trip. Growing the B+ mushrooms is also quite simple. You can't do a lot wrong about it, which makes this a mushroom that is well suited for the novice grower.

The trip of this mushroom is less visual than other magic mushrooms, but it makes you very euphoric. Positivity and cheerfulness is at the heart of the B+ magic mushrooms.

Mexican mushrooms

Mexican magic mushrooms are probably the most famous mushrooms in the Netherlands. This Psilocybe cubensis mushroom is the first mushroom to be released as a mushroom. The mother of magic mushrooms. These mushrooms are very suitable for novice mushroom users. The trip you experience is very energetic and you are very happy. There are people who walk around for hours after the consumption of Mexican mushrooms with a big smile on their face. Laugh kicks assured.

Mazatapec magic mushrooms

the Mazatapec mushrooms are also known by the abbreviation Maz. Also this is a Mexican mushroom and he was discovered near Mazatapec. That is the way it is called. This mushroom is very easy to grow. A difference with other magic mushrooms is that this mushroom keeps its hats partially closed.

The trip of Mazatapec mushrooms are very spiritual. They also give a strong visual trip. Strange that this mushroom is often skipped. The spiritual and visual journey you make during your trip is very special.

Cambodian magic mushrooms

Grow kit really for you. These mushrooms are very easy to grow. You can actually do little wrong. Guaranteed a beautiful harvest. These mushrooms were first discovered in Cambodia at the Angkor Wat temples. These are the largest temples in the world, highly recommended to visit. But now you no longer have to travel to Cambodia to enjoy these magic mushrooms. With our mushroom grow kit you can cultivate them at home. Do you get a pinch of Cambodia in your home.

The mushroom grow kit for mushrooms from Cambodia generally grows slightly slower than other grow kits, but it does give bigger yields. Patience is therefore rewarded. There are magic mushrooms that give a more vigorous trip and therefore the Cambodian mushroom is also suitable for less experienced users. Easy to grow and not too intense trips. Of course, this depends on the amount you use.

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms

The perfect mushroom to start with as the world of magic mushrooms is completely new to you. This mushroom is very easy to grow. Nothing can go wrong. They are also excellent for a first trip. A nice dimensional trip awaits you.

The Golden Teacher mushrooms has gold-colored hats and therefore derives its name from it. Another name for the Golden Teacher is Psilocyne Aurumescens. Beyond that this mushroom takes care of a dimensional trip that really brings you into higher spheres. It opens the door to a spiritual journey that will provide you with a lot of wisdom.
really a nice mushroom for the beginner.

Thai mushrooms

Do you want a real party-mushroom? Then you choose the Thai mushrooms. These are sometimes called the Koh Samui. To the island where they were first discovered. This mushroom is also known as the Cloud Mushroom in Thailand. During the famous Full moon parties on Koh Phangan, this island is located near Koh Samui, these mushrooms are made milkshakes. These milkshakes are therefore very popular and not without reason. A real party-mushroom namely. They give you a tremendous amount of energy and ensure that your warm, relaxed and social character emerges. Really a very cozy mushroom so. In terms of strength, the Thai mushroom is similar to the Mexican mushroom.

Growing the Thai magic mushrooms is easy. They grow fast and are not so big. The color of the hat of the mushroom is orange red. The hats are round and the edge is getting wider as they become fully grown. They give you a great yield. The ideal temperature for the Thai mushroom during the cultivation process is 24 degrees. The mushrooms are not so high but very thick. The Thai mushroom Grow kit is a beautiful mushroom to start with. They are not so susceptible to bacteria.

Colombian magic mushrooms

will you become the Pablo Escobar of the magic mushrooms? With the Colombian magic mushrooms grow kit, you can in any case cultivate your own mushrooms. The Colombian mushroom is sometimes called colombiescens. This mushroom is stronger than the Mexican or Thai mushroom. He brings you into higher realms and makes the 6 hour trip intense. Beautiful colors, laughter kicks and a stronger visual trip than the Mexican and Thai magic mushrooms. A nice step to move some trips to the Ecuadorian or Hawaiian magic mushrooms.

Growing Colombian mushrooms takes a little longer than other types of mushrooms, but that is not allowed to print the fun. The trip is fierce and it has been popular for many years in a smart shop.
The Colombian mushroom is not suitable for the novice user. After having gained some experience with other magic mushrooms you can enjoy the Colombian magic mushrooms. And you know, self-bred gives even more satisfaction.

Albino mushrooms

Albinos are the white gold beneath the mushrooms. These pale, white mushrooms are not called the Albino mushrooms for nothing. Unlike other mushrooms, the Albino lacks some pigment and that explains the whitish color. Actually it is more cream but good. In terms of strength, the Albino mushrooms between the Mexican and Ecuadorian magic mushrooms. He shows you beautiful colors and is on average in his visual power. The Albino mushroom grow kit must be grown in the dark and not in the light like other magic mushrooms. Therefore, we do not mean complete darkness but certainly no direct light.

Growing the Albino mushroom is more challenging than other magic mushrooms. He is a little more vulnerable. Not only the light plays a role in this, but also the temperature and moisture content must be in order for optimal growth. The ideal temperature is 22 degrees for the Albino mushroom grow kit. Certainly no mushroom for the novice grower.
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Best mushroom Grow kit

as you see, it's not just to say what the best mushroom grow kit is. It depends mainly on you. What is your experience with growing mushrooms and what is your experience with tripping on magic mushrooms? Besides your experiences, the willingness is also a factor. Do you have the meaning, time and energy to grow a more difficult mushroom? The mushroom Grow kits we place in three categories.


As a beginner, do not opt for a violent and intense trip. It is wiser to build this up incrementally. The reason for this is that you have to feel carefully what works for you and does not work. In addition, you want to build up some consciousness during the trip. Especially that the trip is only temporary and ends after several hours.

For Beginners We recommend one of the following four magic mushrooms:

  • Mexican magic mushrooms
  • Thai mushrooms
  • Cambodian mushrooms
  • Golden Teacher mushrooms

In Our eyes, it is best to start with the Mexican and then switch to Thai. Then the Cambodian and last the Golden Teacher mushrooms. After these trips you are ready for the next step; Welcome to the average users.

Average users:

have you had some trips behind with Mexican, Cambodian or Golden Teacher magic mushrooms? Then you may feel like you are ready for a more intense trip. Do not choose the strongest mushrooms directly but for a logical intermediate step.

For average users we recommend the following magic mushrooms:

  • B+ magic mushrooms
  • Mazatapec mushrooms
  • Colombian mushrooms
  • Albino mushrooms

Experienced users:

have a lot of experience with Mushrooms? Then you can describe yourself as an experienced user. It may be that you are completely satisfied with the trips you make but sometimes you still want a level higher. Then you choose a stronger mushroom.

for experienced users we recommend the following magic mushrooms:

  • Ecuadorian mushrooms
  • McKennaii mushrooms

Don't forget that the amount of magic mushrooms you take will have a lot of impact on the strength of your trip. Therefore, make sure that you always use a good scale before you consume your mushrooms.

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What type of mushroom grower are you?

Where we looked at the strength of the mushroom as a user, there are also substantial differences to be discovered in the cultivation of the mushrooms. One magic mushroom grow easier than the other. That means that some magic mushrooms are more suitable to start with when growing mushrooms is new to you. For most all-in-one grow kits, as a grower you can do little wrong, but still there is a distinction to make. The results are also different. One mushroom grows faster than the other, useful for impatient growers. Other mushrooms grow many times higher and that's nice when you kick on growing big mushrooms. In it we distinguish two categories; novice and experienced growers.

If you start with your first mushroom grow kit, it's best to start to grow mushrooms with one of the following magic mushrooms:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian
  • Psilocybe Cubensis B+
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Thai
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador
  • Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec
  • Psilocybe Cubensis McKennaii
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican

The Cambodian is in our eyes the easiest of all and also gives you a hefty Harvest generally. When youn have already grown a whole warehouses full of mushrooms then you are ready for the challenging work. The mushrooms for experienced mushroom breeders:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Albino

When you have passed all the two groups, you are ready for the real work. No more all-in-one mushroom grow sets, but grow from the starting point. Buy mushroom spores and grow them in a self-created environment. When you succeed, you can join a select company and appoint yourself as a mushroom Master breeder.

Mushrooms trip levels

when you use magic mushrooms then you go tripping. One trip is better than the other trip and to indicate what your trip has experienced, we have created trip levels. A rating of 1 to 5 will be given to your trip.

Here is trip Level 1 a gentle trip and trip level 5 is a violent trip.

Trip Level 1
The level of your trip is mild and that is to say that during your trip you notice a luminous impact of the magic mushrooms. That means you'll see brighter colors and more intense music. You feel a little high and notice minimal visual effects.

Trip Level 2
You notice some more of the trip. This way your creativity increases, but also the colours are even brighter and the music is not only more intense, but you also feel it in your body. In visual field you see some more. Animated images and also a closed eyes visuals. With closed eyes you also take patterns again. In addition, you have an extreme focus.

Trip level 3
at trip Level 3 you live in the now. That means you have lost all time awareness, a minute can take as half an hour. Visually, the impact is a lot larger. Everything is distorted and looks different than normal. Mild hallucinations also occur at trip Level 3.

Trip level 4
When furniture does not only distort but also merge or even make a conversation with you you know that you have arrived at Trip level 4. Strong hallucinations belong to this level. Even an out of body experience is possible at this level. Perception of the ego blurs and any loss of realism.

Trip level 5
At this level you experience that the world as we know him no longer exists. You melt together with your environment and become one whole. The total ego disappears. Logic disappears and expressing yourself in normal sense, such as talking, becomes incredibly difficult. Also all the senses behave differently than you are used to. You really come across a completely different dimension.

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Buy mushrooms legally?

Buying and selling fresh mushrooms is no longer legal in the Netherlands. In 2008, mushrooms were placed on the forbidden list of the opium law. This means that the sale of fresh and dried mushrooms is no longer allowed.

Smartshops therefore stopped selling magic mushrooms. Yet it is still possible to get to mushrooms . Indeed, the sale of spores and mushroom grow kits is completely legal in the Netherlands. That may sound tricky but with a mushroom grow kit that's a piece of cake. Especially because all of our mushroom grow kits are all-in-one growpacks. You have everything in your hands to grow the best mushrooms. With this you have everything you need to grow high quality mushrooms.

Mushrooms ready to grow

Growing mushrooms can be done at different levels. You can buy traces and grow your mushrooms from there. However, it is also often made easy. With mushroom grow kits that are ready for use immediately.

Buying a mushroom grow kit that is ' ready to go ' you can immediately start to work immediately after receiving it. Everything you need is also included in the ordered product. Our all-in-one growkits are all ' ready to grow '. You can also start growing your magic mushrooms right now.

What includes a mushroom grow kit?

In a mushroom Grow kit You'll find all the essentials for growing high quality mushrooms. In addition, the mushroom grow Kits make it incredibly easy. Mushroom growing has never been simpler.

In A mushroom grow kit, you'll notice the following:

  • grow bowl with live mycelium and a high-quality breeding ground.
  • a growbag. This is a transparent greenhouse bag with air filter.
  • two paperclips.

In The Cultivation container there is a breeding ground consisting of rice flour, rye and vermiculite. This is the ideal breeding ground to make your traces of mushrooms that make for a great trip. The spores have already grown and develop into mycelium.

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How do you grow mushrooms with a growkit?

To ensure a prosperous growth to mushrooms, a warm environment and sufficient moisture is necessary. The growbags helps you to create this ideal setting. The growbags alone is not enough.

You also need a heated room. The temperature should be higher than most living rooms. Between 20 and 25 degrees is ideal, depending on the type of magic mushrooms you grow. You want to prevent your bacteria from transferring to your magic mushrooms.

Therefore always make sure you clean your hands well before you get started with your growkit. This can affect the quality of your magic mushrooms. In addition, remove the grow tank as few as possible from the growbag. This reduces the risk of contamination. That also means harvesting in one go, working in a clean room and always clean hands before you get started with your magic mushrooms. Do not breathe in the bag. In your mouth, there are many bacteria that you do not want to have in your grow bowl. A mouth cap can do wonders.

The temperature remains enormously important. Not for nothing grows many fruits and vegetables in greenhouses nowadays. Therefore, make sure that you keep the right temperature during the growth cycle. If you do not do this then there is a chance that your mushrooms do not grow or grow slower. You can work with a thermometer and optionally purchase a heat mat.
If the temperature in your mushroom grow kit is too high, you can see thick white wires sticking out of the ground. If your temperature Is too low then you slow down the growth.

As mentioned, moisture is very important for growing mushrooms. You therefore want to prevent your mushrooms from drying out. Therefore, do not put your mushroom growkit in direct sunlight. This is how you reduce the risk of dehydration. With many growkits, you also get to the minimum level on a daily basis once or twice. You do not do this on the mushrooms themselves because moisture can lead to fungi and bacteria. The cultivation container itself must remain free of water.

Also you should pay attention to the humidity level. The humidity is good when the bag has some condensation. When your humidity level is too low, the hats of your mushrooms will burst at a given moment. This can be caused by a lamp pointing to it or by too much direct sunlight for example.

at a too high humidity level eyes the hats of your mushrooms shiny. On the stem you may see it clearer. Then there is more hair growth than usual. If you have too much humidity, you can open the growbag. Make sure you have a clean environment. If the humidity is too low, you can search for a different place to put your mushroom Grow kit . As a direct tool, you can use the growbag with a syringe from the plants.

Oxygen plays an important role in growing the mushrooms. Most growbags also have an air filter. If this is not the case then it is important to fluttering a little fresh air in the growbag twice a day. There is a risk of small contamination, but oxygen is essential.

It may happen that there are magic mushrooms on the side of a grow kit. This is not really a problem, but it is a shame because these mushrooms are difficult to remove during the harvest. However, you can prevent this by placing aluminum foil around the cultivation bin. Magic mushrooms grow to the light, and by avoiding light drops on the side of the seed tray, you prevent the mushrooms from growing in the end.

It sounds logical but pick the magic mushrooms at the right time. If they are ready for consumption then it is time to pick them. If you leave them longer, this will cost the number of harvests you can get from a growkit. You see that you are late when the content of the growbag turns black. The color change is due to the fact that no more psilocybin is produced, but spores. Late picking can, however, affect the quality of your magic mushrooms ' trip. As you wait longer, the effect of the psychoactive substances will decrease.

Incidentally, many color changes have a reason. Blue often indicates a bruising and that is without any risk. Other colors may indicate an undesirable fungus or bacterium. More about that later. If you see your dons around the tribe of your magic mushrooms, you don't have to worry about it immediately. Dons are very normal in the growth of magic mushrooms. When suspecting unwanted mold, be aware of the smell.

Tips on growing mushrooms

Do you want to grow the best mushrooms? Then our tips can help you get the most out of your grow kit.

  • only work on your grow bowl when you have thoroughly disinfected your hands.
  • a clean workplace is essential. This also means that windows and doors must be closed to avoid drafts that can contain Microbacteria.
  • Make sure the temperature is at the right level. Preferably use a special thermostat to regulate the temperature well.
  • do not put the mushroom grow kit in direct sunlight.
  • do not place the mushroom grow kit under a lamp or close to heat source such as a heater.
  • does not allow the temperature to reach above 35 degrees.
  • Harvest the mushrooms at the right time.

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The nine step plan for a mushroom grow kit

For the best mushroom harvest with the ALL IN ONE grow kits, you work with this ultimate magic mushroom growing step-by-step plan. It is important to realise that clean hands are essential for a good mushroom harvest. That's why you start every time you come into contact with the mushroom grow kit with the thorough cleansing and disinfecting of your hands. In this case, also clean the outside of your growkit with a wet and clean towel.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the exterior of the GrowKit with a clean, wet cloth. Remove the lid, but keep it for step 3.
  2. Fill the GrowKit with lukewarm water (20ºC) to the edge.
  3. Replace the lid and let the GrowKit soak for 5 to max. 50 min. Note: Never soak for more than one hour.
  4. After soaking, remove the lid from the GrowKit and gently drain the excess water. Drain the GrowKit 5 to 10 seconds
  5. Add lukewarm water (20ºC) to the growth bag.
    For the 2100cc GrowKit: 1 cup (0.25 liter).
    For the 1200cc GrowKit: 1 cup (0.25 liter).
    Place the GrowKit in the growth bag. Make sure the water doesn't get over the edge of the GrowKit.
  6. Close the growth bag by turning a cover at the top and securing it with two paper clips (part of the GrowKit package).
  7. Put the grow kit in a place out of direct sunlight. Do not put the GrowKit under a lamp and not on or near a heater or heat source. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 º C. “Leave the bag closed until the pre-pins start to form” (this may take one or two weeks) In this stage the kit doesn’t need any oxygen but high CO2 level.
  8. “After the pre-pins have been started to grow” Moisten the kit daily with a spray bottle (maximum 1-2 pumps). In this stage the mushrooms needs fresh H2 O and O2 and the CO2 need to escape. This is also important after harvesting.
  9. The first mushrooms will be visible in two weeks. Be patient, it may take a longer period of time before the first mushrooms will grow. The mushrooms should be harvested just before the skin underneath the hats starts to loosen up.

Harvesting mushrooms

harvesting your mushrooms, or rather picking mushrooms, you do in a special way. The reason this technique of picking is important is because it provides the space for new mushrooms that can grow back. A new, extra harvest.

Harvesting your mushrooms is a special moment. You have taken care of it for weeks and now it is so far. You have seen it grow from traces to full-fledged mushrooms. You are proud, that can be no different. You know that the mushrooms are ready for their harvest when the mushrooms have opened their hats completely, just before the Hatts start to come loose under the hats of the mushrooms. Now it's not that all your mushrooms are ready for harvest at the same time. Yet you prefer to harvest everything at once. Every time you harvest, the likelihood of contamination is greater. Therefore, try harvesting at the moment that 75% of your mushrooms are ready.

That means before the membrane under the hat starts to come off. When the mushroom hats open the fall of the spores really does not go so fast that you have to start harvesting directly at the first two suitable mushrooms. Get the maximum number of grams from your mushroom grow kit and show patience at the moment you are going to harvest.

When you pick your magic mushrooms, gently grasp the stem and turn the stem clockwise and counterclockwise. Then gently pull the mushroom up so you can complete the mushroom as far as possible. Of course you want a second, third and fourth harvest. And that is certainly possible. Do not worry when the mushrooms or the mycelium after plucking bluish, paired or blacky colors. These are bruises of picking and completely normal. In this case, it colors the mycelium or the mushroom itself. Fungus is on the mushroom or mycelium.

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How to make an extra harvest from your mushroom grow kit?

After harvesting your mushrooms, fill the grow kit with water and place the lid again. Everything as you start with a first harvest. This time you place the Grow kit , however, in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, remove the lid and drain the water. Also drain for 10 seconds again. The mushroom grow kit is now ready for the next growth cycle. An extra harvest mushrooms. You can assume that your first harvest will wait longer than the next flushes or flights. The difference is usually a day or 10.

When is the mushroom grow kit burnt out?

You can pick up multiple crops, or flushes as they are called, from one mushroom grow kit. In Many cases it is about four harvests. However, in some cases it is only three or sometimes even five. The way you treated your grow kit plays a big role in this. Therefore, follow the previously given tips to achieve the maximum result.

But how do you know your grow kit is ready for a new flush?

That no matter how long you wait no new mushrooms grow anymore? When you see that no mushrooms grow after three weeks, you can assume that the mushroom cultivation set is on. Also, when a mushroom grow kit changes color, this is a clue.

A yellow, green, gray or red color indicates that the grow kit will not yield any new mushrooms. The reason of the color change is that the mushroom grow kit is probably contaminated with another fungus or bacterium. The probability of this happening is very small when you follow the rules of growing well.

How Long does it take to grow mushrooms?

After 3 to 6 weeks you can harvest all the first mushrooms. However, after harvesting your first mushrooms, do not throw away the Growkit. You can continue to repeat the growth cycle until no more mushrooms grow. Usually, 4 magic mushrooms can be harvested from one grow kit.

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How Many magic mushrooms do you take for a trip?

It is important to know how many magic mushrooms you take for a trip. Therefore, make sure you always weigh your mushrooms for consumption. In addition, it is important that you know that there is a difference between fresh and dried mushrooms.

Fresh mushrooms actually contain a lot of water. Dried mushrooms are therefore much more violent than fresh mushrooms. This has to do with the loss of 90% of the weight when drying the mushrooms. In the past, you might have used 2 grams of dried mushrooms for a trip than you use with fresh mushrooms 20 grams.

for dried mushrooms, the dosage is as follows:

  • use 1 gram of dried mushrooms for a mild trip
  • choose 2 grams of dried mushrooms for an intense trip
  • use 3 grams Dried mushrooms for a violent trip

3 grams of dried mushrooms is only sensible when you are an experienced user.

for fresh mushrooms, the dosage is as follows:

  • Choose 5-10 grams of fresh mushrooms for a gentle trip
  • use 20 grams of fresh mushrooms for an intense trip
  • Choose 30 Gram of fresh mushrooms for a violent trip

As said, you only choose 30 grams if you have a lot of experience with tripping on magic truffles or mushrooms. Beginners we recommend starting with 5-10 grams of fresh mushrooms or a maximum of 1 gram of dried mushrooms.

Grow Mushrooms With A Growkit? > > Ultimate Instruction Guide (10)

Dry your mushrooms

When you harvest more mushrooms than you are going to consume then you want to keep your mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms can only be stored in a refrigerator for a few days so drying mushrooms is a logical solution. When you dry mushrooms you can keep them for months. The danger of mushroom drying is in fungi. If you do not dry them properly then fungi can ruin your harvest and all the work has been for nothing.

Growing your mushrooms do your best ways, why not do it when drying. Dry them on the stove or by a fireplace and you can still use them for months. But there is also a way to use them years later. Fungus is therefore the biggest risk. This can be caused by the presence of moisture. Magic mushrooms are a large part of water, with some types of mushrooms, this percentage is 90%. The risk is therefore large. Therefore, do not wait to overcome this risk. After the harvest, you start almost immediately with the drying process. This way, you reduce the chances of fungi taking their chance to ruin your harvest.

The first thing you do is to lay the mushrooms on a dry surface. You do this in a way that the magic mushrooms don't touch each other. This can be in a tray or on a tray, depending on the size of your harvest. Before placing the mushrooms in the tray or on the tray, first place a double layer of kitchen paper underneath.

What you want to achieve is that the magic mushrooms are completely dry. Bone dry. The more moisture you can take out, the better. Sunlight in this case cannot hurt at all. Therefore, you can decide to place the Paddo on the window sill. If you have a greenhouse or conservatory available, this is an ideal place.

about the mushrooms you put a black towel. This is because black attracts warmth. Another possibility is the positioning on a radiator or at another heat source. In any case, replace the kitchen paper in a cautious manner every day. You do this because it pulls moisture into the kitchen paper. At some point the mushrooms will not be drier anymore. Despite that, there is still moisture in your mushrooms.

Grow Mushrooms With A Growkit? > > Ultimate Instruction Guide (11)

Dry your mushrooms in a professional way

to prolong the lifespan of your mushrooms you can dry them professionally. To do this, use silica gel. Silica Gel is used in professional environments for similar reasons. It is a non-toxic product that does not damage your mushrooms. In addition, silica gel is easy to order online at various webshops. That makes it very suitable to dry your mushrooms. Place the silica gel in a Tupperware tray. There you place a rack where you can put the mushrooms on. You do this in a way so that the mushrooms not touch the silica gel. Finally, close the Tupperware container in a way that it is completely sealed from air supply.

Check your magic mushrooms regularly to see if they are completely dry. The drying of mushrooms should lead to a mushroom that is as dry as a cracker. Crunchy and fragile at the moment you bend them. When you get to this point your mushrooms are dry and therefore completely and well dried.

In addition to silica gel, you can also achieve this result with the use of magnesium sulfraat. This is magnesium salt of sulphuric acid. A name that sounds better to your ears is bitter salt, epsomsalt or English salt. Just like silica gel, place the bitter salt in the Tupperware tray and prevent it from coming into contact with the mushrooms. This means that you also place a rack in the Tupperware tray which separates the mushrooms from the bitter salt. Here too, the airtight sealing of the container is essential.
Before you can use the bitter salt, however, you should treat it.

What you are going to do is to bake the bitter salt in the oven at 250 degrees celcius. This baking lasts 2 hours. By baking the bitter salt, you tap moisture from the bitter salt. As you may know, salt likes to absorb moisture quickly. By tapping this out now there is more room to absorb moisture again and that moisture is going to draw this bitter salt from your mushroom harvest. It may be that during baking the bitter salt lumping has arisen. Rub it and place the bitter salt in the Tupperware tray immediately thereafter. The sooner the bitter salt from the oven enters the Tupperware tray, the better.

Storing your mushrooms is a final focus. To keep them good for a long time, place the dried mushrooms in a dark, cool and dry place. You do this in a vacuum packaged packaging. The vacuum packaging of your mushrooms is quite simple nowadays.

Grow Mushrooms With A Growkit? > > Ultimate Instruction Guide (2024)


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